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Home Automation is the start of new generation lived-in your most lived in space. Home Automation can carry a variety of upgrades to the house, from something basic like the automatic activation of heating or cooling in the house, to very sophisticated systems, such as automatic plant watering and pet feeding.

So what exactly does home automation mean? It means that various devices in and around the home communicate with each other via a central network or computer where everything is controlled. From here devices are instructed to perform tasks either according to a pre-programmed schedule, or with the use of motion detectors, for example; movement entering a room or leaving a room can stimulate simple changes such as air-conditioning or lighting alterations.

Another fantastic feature of home automation is how it can cater to individuality, such as budget, need or taste. Each family or home owner can choose the features most necessary to their way of living or accommodate different lifestyles and needs.

The benefits of a home automation system are very broad, but one of the foremost worth mentioning, especially in the current South African economic climate, is security. With features such as central locking for all perimeter windows and doors, cctv footage which can be accessed from the internet, and creating the illusion of people being at home by adjusting lights in the evening, and opening and closing of curtains. There are also sophisticated detection systems which can alert the home owner of gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, fire and smoke detectors as well as water leaks. Personal medical alarms cater for people with possible disabilities or may become incapacitated for any unknown reason to call for help.

Home automation systems include the following types of devices:

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  • "Thanks Brian for the excellent service, I feel safe and secure knowing I can access my alarm system at home even if I am in Capetown."

    Dorothy Diedericks

  • "Smart Systems did a complete make-over for my home a few months ago and it has greatly enhanced my living space. I would recommend this company to anyone seeking to upgrade their home."

    Camilla forthart

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