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SCADA Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

As the name suggests, this system focuses on providing control of remote equipment. SCADA systems set themselves apart from other ICS systems by being large scale processes that can include multiple sites and devices. These systems usually act with centralised sites to control anything from a plant to a nation.

This system can be especially useful in the work place where a multitude of operational tasks need to be monitored and performed.

Smart Systems is a proud installer and supplier of SCADA.

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  • "Thanks Brian for the excellent service, I feel safe and secure knowing I can access my alarm system at home even if I am in Capetown."

    Dorothy Diedericks

  • "Smart Systems did a complete make-over for my home a few months ago and it has greatly enhanced my living space. I would recommend this company to anyone seeking to upgrade their home."

    Camilla forthart

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