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Changing light fitting to LED does cut down on energy costs. Controlling the lighting load and integrating lighting with a lighting control system will...

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The idea of building in a future proof manner stems from the idea of allowing it to withstand both deterioration, and allow for constant changes as...

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Home Automation is the start of new generation lived-in your most lived in space. Home Automation can carry a variety of upgrades to the house...


HVAC: Heating, Ventilating Air-Conditioning or High Voltage Alternating Current. In ordinary terms, this refers to climate control...

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(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). As the name suggests, this system focuses on providing control of remote equipment. SCADA...

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Using the get-up and go resourcefulness of Smart Systems combined with the popular and well-known brand of technology and IT...

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Distributed Audio offers even quality and volume throughout a house, or any building. This is achieved when the music sources become centralized...

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Or AV means incorporating both a visual and a sound element, such as television. Audio visual components in the home generally consist of in-ceiling...

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Your board room is where you wish to create a professional environment. For in-house meetings you need an atmosphere conducive...

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A home entertainment system which is capable of both audio and visual playback generally consists of a large projected image, whether...

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  • "Thanks Brian for the excellent service, I feel safe and secure knowing I can access my alarm system at home even if I am in Capetown."

    Dorothy Diedericks

  • "Smart Systems did a complete make-over for my home a few months ago and it has greatly enhanced my living space. I would recommend this company to anyone seeking to upgrade their home."

    Camilla forthart

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